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Ice Cream Cake Waffle Muffin Cookie No Preference. Skip. Last updated Jan 12, 2019.

101 Unusual Ice Cream Flavors ~ Now That's Nifty

18 Kinds of Japanese Ice Cream - Japan Talk

The Ice Cream Gallery in Hong Kong uses no artificial ingredients or preservatives to make its odd and inventive ice cream, including this fancy schmancy foie gras flavor.

Unexpectedly Delicious Ice Cream Flavor Combos | Martha

Made with chicken jus, curry spices and marsala-soaked sultanas, it sounds like something that should have never been.

Traditionalists need not fret: Plenty of Los Angeles ice cream shops are still churning.The Unthinkable Flavors of Japanese Ice Cream A good cook views ice cream much as a painter views a blank canvas, as pure potential, bursting with tempting possibilities.Trout, Mushrooms in Wine, Hot Dog, Spaghetti and cheese, sardines in Brandy, and Garlic are just some of the tastes on offer.

23 of the World's Weirdest Ice Cream Flavors - Creamed Cod

With the US out other countries attempting to salvage the Iran nuke.

Dig Into These 9 Unexpected Ice Cream Flavors in Austin

About 50 licks are required to finish a single scoop of ice cream cone.In Taiwan, The Mushroom Garden offers mushroom-flavored ice cream with some finely chopped mushrooms added in.

Strange and Amazing Oreo Flavors Around the World

This search takes into account your taste preferences. 397 suggested recipes.

Along with the summer temperatures, unusual ice cream flavors seem to be on the rise all over Los Angeles.

Bizarre Ice Cream Flavors -

I imagine it tastes like a mixture of fire and like, pretty great.

Top 10 Weirdest Japanese Ice Cream Flavors | Most Amazing

Yes, Oreos are the most famous cookie on the planet, and for good reason.

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10 Traditional Ice Cream Flavors You've Probably Never

Sweet Spot Ice Cream in the Philippines uses real crocodile eggs to make their ice cream, claiming that they are healthier than chicken eggs.Famed French pastry-maker Dominique Ansel created this burrata soft-serve ice cream flavor in 2015.

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Corn on the cob is a summer favorite for locals, but garlic, pizza, and horseradish ice cream have also popped up on the menu to try.

The 10 Weirdest Ice Cream Flavors in Existence | SFoodie

Other odd ice cream flavors in the shop: beer, garlic, pizza, and corn on the cob.

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If you have an adventurous palette and love ice cream, you may be open to trying some strange flavors that are sure to be an experience for your taste buds.It just seems as if there are too many aspects to it for your taste buds to be able to cope, but at the end of the day somebody must like it.Very good to all, and welcome again to the site of one of the most prestigious and best known of the entire city of Barcelona ice cream parlors.

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Oddfellows Ice Cream Co. in NYC is a highly popular family-owned-and-operated ice cream shop in Brooklyn.Eskimo ice cream, also known as akutaq, originates in western Alaska and northern Canada.When in Legazpi City in Albay, look up the 1 st Colonial Grill, a restaurant that serves some of the most bizarre ice cream flavors in the country.

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Spaghetti Eis hails from Germany, and as you can see, it was created to resemble a plate of spaghetti with tomato sauce.

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It incorporates the impossibly soft and silky cheese, with specks of dark balsamic caramel and micro basil leaves.Horseradish is nose-tingling enough on its own, so we can hardly imagine what this flavor imparts to cold ice cream.The weirdest Ice Cream flavors in Mexico When it comes to desserts, we must confess that we are truly ice cream enthusiasts.A little bit of tangy, crunchy and sweet actually sounds like a winning combination.

The Lip-Smackingly Top 10 Most Unusual And Strange Foods

When visiting the Daio Wasabi Farm in Japan, it only makes sense to get a Wasabi ice cream cone.

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Namja Town, an indoor amusement park in Tokyo, is home to Ice Cream City, the mecca of strange ice cream.Baskin-Robbins international locations feature flavors of ice cream popular to the tastes of each country, such as Red Bean and Green Tea.People seem to really enjoy the Vietnamese coffee flavor with Oreos.

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British chef Heston Blumenthal is the creator of this distinctly savory ice cream flavor, sold at Waitrose supermarkets across the UK.At Bohol Bee Farm Resort and Restaurant in the Philippines, you can get a dripping cone of the stuff, if you dare.Going well beyond the typical (and, hey, sometimes boring) chocolate and vanilla, Austin ice cream shops are creating dazzling.Just a reminder that you really, REALLY should wash fresh herbs before using them.Unfortunately, El Hada in Cusco, Peru definitively closed its doors in 2016, but it was a beloved artisan ice cream confectionery and espresso bar, serving up unique flavors such as this vibrant mango chutney.Well this is certainly a strange combination for an ice cream and you do wonder just how popular it is going to be among the public.

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