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You can use them in smoothies, frozen yogurt, or you can still use them for banana bread, if you thaw them.Yes, you can make Homemade Frozen Yogurt with just a few good ingredients and no ice cream machine.Wait until you get a taste of the flavor from the fresh fruit.It needs additional ingredients and some processing before it becomes an ice-cream-like dessert.All you have to do is scoop yogurt in to an ice cube tray and freeze for a few hours.

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Freezing yogurt in containers As we mentioned earlier, you can use airtight containers to freeze yogurt.Yogurt expands on freezing, so you must make sure to keep it in a container with enough space for it to do so.

My theory is that this has something to do with the low fat content.Ways of freezing yogurt Freezing yogurt cups The first way is pretty self-explanatory.With all the wonderful fresh fruit and berries in the summertime, frozen yogurt could be your new favourite frozen treat.

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The prices I list below are what I paid for the ingredients at the grocery store in mid-May, 2013.Frozen yogurt is easy to make at home with an ice cream maker, and chefs can make it sour or sweet to suit their taste.

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Many people who make it at home experiment with different favorite flavor combinations.Milk was expensive and when I did the math, making it from scratch saved me money.

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Sugar molecules get in the way of growing ice crystals, keeping your frozen dessert smooth and creamy.Another way you can save time is by adding berries along with the yogurt in the ice cube tray.You can make a batch and freeze it and enjoy it whenever you experience those uncontrollable sweet CRAVINGS.

If you have opened a cup, transfer it into an airtight container before you freeze it.Make sure the bowl of your ice cream maker is completely frozen.

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Just keep in mind what generation it is, because as you get to the third generation the yogurt you make starts getting runnier.You should also make sure you use air tight containers, as odors from the fridge can easily enter and get absorbed.Pour into the bowl of your ice cream maker and churn until frozen.

Freeze the bowl of your ice cream maker according to manufacturer instructions.I made the BEST frozen yogurt in our Vita-Mix blender tonight.

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Once it is done, you can transfer the mixture to an airtight container and freeze it to make a more solid mixture or eat it right away (I definitely prefer it right away) Mix in fresh fruit, chopped candy, cereal, etc. into the frozen yogurt.I know one cannot own every conceivable kitchen appliance, but if you can find an excuse to buy an ice cream machine, just go for it.If you doubt the texture, consistency, or if the cup smells odd, it should be tossed right away.Storing the yogurt cups upside down may also help in preserving the flavor and texture.The freezing process will change the texture and flavor of the yogurt.In addition to drying out and texture changes from the repeated freeze-thaw cycle of self defrosting refrigerators, frozen yogurt (and other frozen foods) can become rancid.

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Please add the mixture must be taken out of the freezer and churned several times to stop the ice crystals forming.

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Whisk all frozen yogurt ingredients together in a large bowl.Compared to the Blueberry Frozen Yogurt, the texture of the strawberry frozen yogurt was really smooth and creamy.So you may not feel like eating it directly but using it in smoothies or baking will give the perfectly normal taste.

Best Answer: If you use a yogurt that is a creamy blended type you will get a better result.FAQs I just thawed a bunch of yogurt I had in the freezer, but I am not able to use it.Making your own can save you money and allow you to create any number of flavors.You can use frozen fruit from the freezer aisle, or freeze your own.So now you might be wondering what the best way is to freeze the yogurt you have at home.

Next, take out the yogurt cubes and make sure to put them in an airtight container.

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I am not a plain Yogurt lover, I do not like to eat yogurt straight out of the container, unlike the other.However, if you are to use them for baking or for cooking, you will probably not notice much change to its flavor. 3 Comments More on Can you freeze muffins and muffin batter.

This Homemade Frozen Greek Yogurt is a frozen yogurt recipe that you can make at home easily using greek-style yogurt as a base.Let the frozen yogurt thaw in the refrigerator, or I have just let it thaw on the counter top for a few hours before adding to the yogurt.Also, check out the tip at left for keeping frozen yogurt soft and scoopable in the freezer indefinitely.

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